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My Profile on Casting Networks

It is important to have a head-shot and as much information about your experience, training and additional activities.  All information is important i.e; eye colour, height, weight, date of birth, tattoos, sports, gym, ski, ride a bike, dance, languages, nationality, etc.  We submit you according to the requirements by casting directors.  We want to submit you so please complete your profile. 

What is an Availability Check?

Availability checks are checking before we submit you for castings, either for TV Commercials or Short/Feature Films.  We would like to submit you for a casting and need to know your availability for auditioning.  This does not necessarily mean you have the job or the audition.  If upon selection by the Casting Director, TM Talent Management will then contact you to confirm you have an audition and forward any details to you. 

TM Talent Management will send a text saying…Eg; TM Management for availability for TVC . Confirm Yes or No by text.

When considering your availability make sure you are available for all dates given. Please reply Y/N within 10 minutes.

TM Talent Management will then submit you for the casting upon confirmation of availability.  At times we will submit you without a check, you may normally say Yes or there may be an influx of castings.   

What is a Self-Tape?

At times castings will require you to submit a self-tape.  This means you will read the brief and script and present a short tape as required by Castings.  You may have someone record you on your phone or do yourself.  This tape is then submitted to the casting director for consideration.

Do I need a Show-Reel?

A show-reel is a record of your experiences in castings.  It is a great way for Casting Directors to make their selection for auditions or parts. 

What happens if I get an Audition? 

TM Talent Management will be notified by Casting Directors for our talent to do an audition.  We will then contact you and give you as much information about the role and where to be.  It is up to you to attend the audition prepared.

What is Expected of Me at an audition?

Talent must ensure that it is noted at the audition; that you are represented by TM Talent Management.  This protocol is required by Casting Directors.

If we send you a script; please familiarise yourself with it before you attend your audition.

The audition is the opportunity to sell yourself for the role, emerge yourself in the character for what the role is depicting. The most important thing is your ability to take direction and follow instructions.

What happens if You win the role?

TM Talent Management will contact you with information from the Casting Director and organise you to receive all relevant paperwork.

What do I do when I go on Set?

You will be given a contact name and number.  Once you arrive at the location you will be given further instructions by casting crew.

Always present in a professional manner and be courteous on set.  If you have any concerns you may contact Tracey or Sue on –

0491 732 069 or 0493 504 648

Jobs are paid in line with the standard MEAA rates or as stated.


All talent must become a member of Casting Networks to allow the casting directors to view your profile. All this information will be given to you at the time of your phone interview.

We recommend a professional head-shot that is clear and shows your natural features. Casting directors will be choosing the talent required for the auditions from the photos we send them. It is to your advantage to supply a good quality photo.

Natural looking makeup is important for your head shot.

Communication to confirm your availability for a casting call or a job is done via phone calls and emails. Therefore, keeping your contact information up to date is vitally important, as is checking your phone and emails regularly.

TM Talent Management does not guarantee work; however, we will put you forward for work when your look and experience fills a brief.

Sue-0491 732 069 – Tracey-0493 504 648

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